MEP is your alternate supplier to the OEM! We supply mechanical spare parts in OEM quality for the plastics and wood industries.


My name is Stefan Putschögl, founder of MEP. My team and I look forward working with you!


About us

Based upon over 15 years industrial experience, MEP has set the goal of supplying mechanical spare parts in OEM quality.

The fair price-performance ratio is always in the foreground.

Our offer includes cross-technology spare parts for producing, processing and recycling for the plastics industry, as well as industrial knives for the wood processing industry.

OEM quality at fair prices.

Our materials, production technologies and heat treatment methods always meet the high OEM requirements and, if required, go even beyond! We also offer special solutions! All products stand for the highest quality, 100% accuracy of fit and are compatible with all common major systems.

Based upon our long-lasting experience and know-how, a comprehensive data pool and our passion for improving quality and increasing service life guarantee your success. Put us to the test!




Underwater + Water-Ring Pelletizing

  • Pelletizer knives/blades
  • Tailor-made pelletizer knives/blades
  • Knifeholder
  • Die plates

Strand Pelletizing

  • Cutting Rotors
  • Feed-roller
  • Bed knives & cutting blades
  • Die plates

Suitable for all major pelletizing equipment, including Underwater, Water-ring and Strand-pelletizing systems.



  • Screw elements
  • Kneaders
  • Mixers
  • One-piece barrels
  • Barrrel with Liners
  • Replacement liner only
  • Replacement of Liners & Regeneration

We supply segments, barrels and Liners, suitable for all major twin-screw systems for plastic and food industry.


Injection moulding + Extrusion

  • Screw tip sets
  • Screws
  • Barrels
  • End caps
  • Nozzles
  • Heating elements
  • Coatings

Suitable for all major Injection moulding machines and single screw extruders.



  • Static- und rotor knives
  • Cutting crowns
  • Counter knives
  • Block knives
  • Rotor shear blades
  • Baling press knives
  • Knifeholders
  • Granulator rotor knives

suitable for all major shredder and granulator models.



Wood shredding

  • Knives for Chipper Canter
  • Shredder knives
  • Cutting crowns
  • Chipper knives
  • Counter knives
  • Pressure bars
  • Knifeholder

Suitable for all major manufacturers.


Industrial knives

  • Circular saws
  • Cutters and finger joint cutters
  • Knives for MDF-, OSB- und particle board
  • Veneer Slicing knives
  • Pressure bars
  • Peeling knives
  • Clipper knives
  • Chipper- and Counter knives
  • Planer knives
  • Planing Cutter Heads
  • Profile Heads

Suitable for all major manufacturers.



Regeneration and Repair

  • Regeneration of all types of die plates
  • Resharpening of cutting Rotors, exchange of tungsten-carbide blades
  • Recovering of feed-rolls incl. re-coating
  • Resharpening of industrial knives
  • Exchange of liners for existing twin-screw-barrels.
  • Regeneration of screws, incl. Welding, Straigthening, Polishing, and many more.
  • Renewal of screw-drive
  • Regeneration of barrels, incl. Bushing in the metering zone.
  • Thermal cleaning of stubborn plastic residues.


  • Technical advice on site
  • Material analysis incl. consulation on material selection
  • Tailor-made mechanical parts according to drawing and sample
  • Professional spare-part management
  • Storage of spare parts

Our partners

Our parnter for
Screw-tip-sets, Screws & barrels
spare parts for IM and Extrusion

Feed screws
Standard and custom-made

Extreme wear-resistant for abrasive and corrosive applications

Classic 3-part or custom-made

End caps


Our partner for
Hot runner controllers
Made in Germany

Small, universal, intuitive

fitron TP
Easy to operate

JETmaster TP
UP to 240 zones, just like that

Needle valve-control
All in one mould data record

Pressure measurement system
Optimises the filling process

Mould connection cable
Heating, thermocouple and combination cable

Our partner for
Testing, CE-Declaration
and technical documentation

Annual, recurring inspection
of electrical installations and equipment

CE Declaration of Conformity
a document required by law

Technical documentation
It includes all documents and information that explain the use and functionality of your products and machines

MEP technische Handels GmbH

Kastanienweg 4 | 4501 Neuhofen an der Krems | Austria